The JMT Land Division specializes in buying vacant land in the North and Midwest. Currently, we make offers in rural areas of Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Our goal is to make fair offers and get land owners what they need without wasting any time.

We help land owners through all kinds of situations by making fast and fair cash offers. Whether you need fast cash, or you need an easy way to sell your land, we can help.

We will give you a CASH OFFER - FAST and won't charge any fees or commissions. Learn More >>

Meet The Team


Jeshua Livstrom


Talia Livstrom

Jeshua and Talia Livstrom are investors from Mounds View, Minnesota. They specialize in finding creative solutions to help sellers, and will only touch a deal if everybody wins. In their spare time, they enjoy hiking with their four children and family dog.

“We are experienced real estate investors in Georgia, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin. Specializing in off-market properties. “

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